Praktikal Januari 2016


It's been awhile I post in the blog.
And today is the 15th day of January 2016.
How bless we are, can still breath in this New Year...?
Alhamdulillah wa syukrillah...

So, what's up everyone? Still energetic enough to continue our lif journey? Or pancit already?
How was your new resolution?
Have you reach the goal?

It's ok, insyaAllah we will get the chance to fullfill the wish.
Of not, then it's not time yet.

Just want to share with u guys, I have started my New Year with Practicum... Alhamdulillah, finally I managed ro search for school (with my boss helps).

But, unfortunately it is not as what I hope for. Not everything I need to include in the portfolio I can get from them.

Felt hopeless, regardless...and so on with this type of attitude.

I should do in government school (despite all the politics thingy). If I can't success for this sem...I think I should continue with other school. No more private schools...enough is enough!!!

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